AdaFresh’s experienced and knowledgeable management team, with first-hand experience in the fresh produce industry, ensures smooth operations for delivery of quality fresh produce on time, every time.

Avi Kadan, CEO

For over a decade, Avi Kadan managed one of Israel’s largest agricultural export companies. A central figure in Israeli agriculture, Kadan was also instrumental in implementing critical changes to the market structure and development of opportunities for Israeli growers, and he has been credited with greatly improving the status of Israeli agriculture around the world. Kadan brings the skills, experience and contacts from those years for the benefit of AdaFresh and its customers and growers.

Ayelet Lantzer, VP Marketing

Ayelet Lantzer offers the skills and expertise gained during many years of operations in the fresh produce export industry, where she worked with customers all over the world, including in the UK, US, Europe and the Far East. Lantzer was responsible for an extensive marketing program that included teams in various countries, and focused on the penetration and expansion of retail chain marketing channels.

Maya Katav, VP Logistics

Maya Katav has almost a decade of experience in logistics in the fresh produce industry. With the logistics of packing and delivery playing such a crucial role in AdaFresh operations, Katav’s experience will help ensure smooth, integrated and efficient activities, so that the company’s growing partners and customers can be certain of the freshest possible produce, delivered exactly on time.